In the ever-changing world in which we live, there is not a more critical and demanding time where experienced leadership, ensuring that the needs of the people are met, has ever existed. I believe this must be carried out with common sense and compassionate service while ensuring the public’s trust and safety without compromise.

We all want our community to be one that is safe to raise our children and impossible for the criminal element to be comfortable. United as a group of people, working together for the betterment of McCracken County, there is little we cannot do, but divided there is little we can do.

My pledge to you, the citizens of McCracken County, is to convert all my words into deeds.  As sheriff I will continue to exemplify the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior, which requires complete freedom from deceit or fraud and to ensure transparency to the community. I will ensure the sheriff’s department’s conduct provides uncompromising service to our community and this department will have a firm adherence to ethical principles and sound moral character. I pledge an unrelenting, determination to serve the community and to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor.