I have served in a public capacity over the past 22 years, and began my law enforcement career at the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department in 2000. Since 2000 I have promoted through the ranks and served in the roles of bailiff, road deputy, detective, detective sergeant, operations captain, and detective captain.  I have served in essentially every role at the McCracken County Sheriff's Department and continue to serve this community today as part of the departments command staff.  I have served in each of those positions and will continue to serve with impeccable integrity and a track record that will clearly reveal nothing to the contrary. Those positions have provided the experiences necessary, to prepare me for this next important step. My experience ranges from tax collection, court security, calls of service to the community, identifying perpetrators of minor criminal mischief acts, overseeing the day to day operations of the department, investigating murders,  and everything in-between. During my tenure, I have personally been a part of seizing millions of dollars in illegal drugs that never had an opportunity, to make it onto the streets of our community.  Drug dealers beware. Vigorous drug enforcement will continue under my leadership.  I know first-hand and have witnessed the devastation that drugs cause and the multitude of crimes that are often cultivated as a result of illegal drug activity.

I believe that having experience in each and every one of these roles is vital for the next sheriff to have. I believe it is impossible to lead by example if you do not have the experience that enables you to know how to lead in each and every one of the variety of challenges that law enforcement faces today.